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Hard-to-Reach Authors for 07 June 2008

Hey guys,

This will be our second-to-last list, as we're getting to the end of the nomination period. Remember, you have until May 15 to nominate a story; authors have until May 21 to accept their nominations and complete the forms on the nomination.

The liaisons asked me to mention that they are really concerned about reaching the following authors and are running out of ways to reach them:

alex_quine (liaison: aranelgoldenflower)
Arien (liaison: Cathleen)
Karyn Milos (liaison: Cathleen)
Le Rouret (liaison: Dreamflower)
Nea (liaison: Cathleen)
Trilliah (liaison: agape4gondor)

If you know these members, please have them get in touch with their liaison or mefasupport(.at.)mefawards(.dot.)net ASAP.


The following authors have had stories nominated before 01 June 2008, that they have have not contacted their liaison about or begun the form on:

Arien (liaison: Cathleen)
#531: "Home" nominated by: Antane on 30 May 2008

Elanor Gardner (liaison: Dreamflower)
#519: "Sam's Crosswise Verse" nominated by: Antane on 29 May 2008
#520: "Frodo's Crosswise Verse" nominated by: Antane on 29 May 2008

Europanya (liaison: elea24)
#461: "The Claiming of the Ring" nominated by: Antane on 24 May 2008

Eyborg (liaison: brindlemom2)
#504: "Tonight We Are Alive" nominated by: Nancy Brooke on 27 May 2008

Karyn Milos (liaison: Cathleen)
#453: "Too Deeply Hurt: Understanding Frodo's Decision to Depart" nominated by: Antane on 24 May 2008

Lady Sunrope (liaison: elea24)
#350: "A Commotion About a Potion" nominated by: Baranduin on 14 May 2008

Le Rouret (liaison: Dreamflower)
#455: "The Green Knight and the Master of Esgaroth" nominated by: Nieriel Raina on 24 May 2008

Nea (liaison: Cathleen)
#503: "Scars" nominated by: Nieriel Raina on 27 May 2008

Noliel (liaison: Cathleen)
#541: "Thicker Than Water" nominated by: Dawn Felagund on 31 May 2008

PeppyPower (liaison: brindlemom2)
#326: "Not Speak or Whisper" nominated by: Calenlass Greenleaf on 11 May 2008

Regina (liaison: aranelgoldenflower)
#166: "The finest of Vintages" nominated by: aranelgoldenflower on 05 May 2008

Trilliah (liaison: agape4gondor)
#463: "Hope" nominated by: Antane on 24 May 2008

Vana Tuivana (liaison: elliska)
#343: "The Night's Eye" nominated by: Dwimordene on 12 May 2008

Willow-wode (liaison: brindlemom2)
#132: "Rites of Passage" nominated by: PipMer on 04 May 2008
#462: "Caliban" nominated by: Antane on 24 May 2008


In addition, the following authors have at least one story where they have contacted their liaison, but have not begun the nomination form. (Their nominations are at least two weeks old.) Some may just need more time; others may not realize they have something more they need to do.

(Authors: if your name is on this list, it isn't a mark against you; I just wanted to make sure you realized your nominations weren't finished.)

alex_quine (liaison: aranelgoldenflower)
febobe (liaison: brindlemom2)
Galadriel (liaison: elliska)
Lady Elina (liaison: Cathleen)
Tom Fairbairn (liaison: elea24)


Finally, the following authors have begun but not finished at least one of their nomination forms.

Aria (liaison: foxrafer (csevans8))
Dana (liaison: elea24)
Dana/Lindelea CoAuthors (liaison: elea24)
Dot (liaison: elliska)
fantasyfan (liaison: brindlemom2)
Garnet Took (liaison: aranelgoldenflower)
Illwynd (liaison: elliska)
Lindelea (liaison: elliska)
obelia medusa (liaison: elliska)
pipkinsweetgrass (liaison: aranelgoldenflower)
PipMer (liaison: elliska)
spookystoy (liaison: elea24)

If you have questions, please email mefasupport(.at.)mefawards(.dot.)net, and I'll tell you what needs to be done.


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