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New FAQs - Replying to Reviews, Vote Solicitation

Hey guys,

Tanaqui has just posted to new FAQs that I want everyone to look at. One is about a new feature that will be available in a few weeks, and another is about a MEFA rule people tend to forget about.

A few comments about these FAQs....


"Someone left me a review, and I'd like to reply to it. How do I do this?"

This FAQ relates to a new feature that will be available in a few weeks, when votes start showing up. Due to popular demand, we're going to give authors a way to reply to their reviews this year.

(Please note, this function isn't available yet as reviews won't be displayed for a few more weeks; I'm just telling you about it now so you're prepared.)

Authors, when you are logged in, you will see a link beside your reviews to "Reply to Reviewer." Clicking that link will open up a pop-up window that will give you instructions how to reply to reviews. Essentially you will write up a review and email it to me (using a special subject line the site generates for you so I know exactly where to send it). I'll skim the review to make sure it's not a spam or a flame, and if everything's kosher I'll forward it on to the reviewer.

When you do this the reviewer will get your email address, so they can reply back (if they choose to do so). I won't tell you a reviewer's email address because I take member privacy seriously, but if they choose to reply back, obviously you'll get their email address from them.

I hope you find this feature useful.


"Can I encourage people to vote for a specific story?"

It is natural when you are first nominated to want to tell people. This is fine. However, to keep the awards fair, it is against the rules to actually ask people to vote for you - what we call vote solicitation. If you ask current members to vote for a story (yours or someone else's), or if you ask people to join the awards specifically to vote for a certain story, that's vote solicitation.

The first time this happens we'll give you a warning. It really is tempting to do, and you may not even be aware of the rule when you first join the awards. If you're contacted by a MEFA volunteer asking you to remove a comment, please do so.

There are penalties if you continue to do this, or if you refuse to take down an inappropriate comment when asked to do so. These include having your story withdrawn and/or losing your voting/nominating privileges. If you're unsure of whether a comment would be crossing the line, feel free to email mefasupport(.at.)mefawards(.dot.)net to discuss it.


If you have questions about either of these issues, please let me know.

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