Aranel Took (aranel_took) wrote in mefas,
Aranel Took

HASA shutdown and URL updates

Hello everyone,

A reminder that HASA's ending is rapidly approaching. :-(

If you still have not submitted URL updates for the MEFA archive, please put them in a comment on this post. There is no deadline for submitting updates (for HASA or any other archive that may have shut down), but once HASA is gone, visitors will no longer be able to get to your story from the Archive.

HASA is also looking for volunteers to help move the stories to AO3's Open Doors. AO3 is a great site, very invested in preserving fanfic, so this would be a very good project to get involved with if you have the time.

Please pass the word around to friends and groups, regarding both the MEFA Archive URLs and the HASA preservation project, so we can save as many stories as possible!

Tags: hasa, mefa archive, mefas
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