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MEFA Archive: Update your URLs!

Hello, everyone.

As you may have heard, the HASA archive is shutting down at the end of the year. You can read more about this at the HASA website. Due to this closing, I will update URLs in the MEFAwards Archive for the new locations of your stories.

If you would like the URLs of your stories updated, please post a comment to this post with your MEFA pen name and the titles, year of competition and new URLs of your stories.

If you are a co-author, please coordinate with your co-authors so that only one of you submit the updated URL for the story.

If you have a story that competed both WIP and Completed, please include the year of competition for each version (e.g. (2007, 2009)). The database considers them separate stories, so each one will need to be updated separately.

Since we added "backup URLs" for the 2011 Awards, I will be enabling those in the Archive, for ALL years, so you may include two URLs per story and both links will be included on your story's Story Info page. The story, author, and awards listings will still use only the primary URL link.

Also, because archives come and go, and people have been migrating away from places like LiveJournal or moving all their stuff to AO3, I will update any other URL changes you may have.

Please use this format for your updates, with the primary URL (where you prefer people to read your story) listed first:

Aranel Took

The Roots of the Ivy (2006)

A Meal Fit for a King (2010)

Story that Previously Competed as a WIP (2007, 2008)


A LiveJournal account is not required to post your updates, you may comment anonymously (make sure to include your MEFA pen name!). However, if you prefer not to post in LiveJournal, you may email your updates to me directly at

Please spread the word around that I'm updating the links! I need the author (or one co-author) to submit the updates to the URLs, so that I know they agree to the changes to their story locations. If there is a special situation (e.g. an author has passed away and a friend is now maintaining their fanfiction), just let me know so I know why someone other than the author is requesting to update the URLs.

At the end of the year, I will put in a filter to use the backup URL rather than a HASA URL, but that will only work for stories with a backup location available (currently only 2011 stories). Other stories will be stuck with broken links unless I get updates from the author.

There is no deadline, I will continue updating story info for as long as authors send me updates! But keep in mind your links will be broken after HASA goes offline, so try to get them submitted before the end of the year.

If you have any questions, email me or leave a comment here.

Aranel Took
Keeper of the MEFA Archive


Update #1 (October 3): First batch done! There were 867 HASA stories in the Archive when I started. Now down to 845. Still a lot to go, so keep spreading the word around! I also noticed a lot of updates for stories that were located at This archive seems to be gone now (at least at that URL), so please get the news out that those stories will need new URLs, too.

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