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MEFA Archive: Update your URLs!
aranel_took wrote in mefas
Hello, everyone.

As you may have heard, the HASA archive is shutting down at the end of the year. You can read more about this at the HASA website. Due to this closing, I will update URLs in the MEFAwards Archive for the new locations of your stories.

If you would like the URLs of your stories updated, please post a comment to this post with your MEFA pen name and the titles, year of competition and new URLs of your stories.

A whole lot more under the cut...Collapse )

Wow, thank you for doing this! You prompted me to go archive some old HASA stuff on AO3.


Fëanor Challenged (2005)

Rose Riddle (2004)

The Still Point (2006)

Hi stultiloquentia,

Your stories have been updated!


Hello MEFA

Water and Stone
Author: Erynhith
Nominator: Gandalfs apprentice
2006 Award Category: Races: Elves

Since HASA is closing my story is now available at and has been submitted to for inclusion.

Best wishes and seasons greetings


Hi Erynhith,

I've replaced the HASA link with the Geocities link. Whenever you get accepted to Council of Elrond and have a direct URL for your story, just post it here and I will add it as your secondary link (or you can have it made your primary, just let me know what you would like).


Finally got my links organized, and in the process discovered some stories that hadn't been posted in some of my usual places. Here is my list of links to be changed (it is possible that some of them might be included as backup links already):


Alone and Forsaken (2007)

Boots Made For Walking (2011)

Choices (2010)

Face of the Enemy (2009)

Feet That Wander (2008)

Fennas Haradren (2008)

Gaffers and Gardens (2011)

Green Grows the Holly (2011)

Honor Unabated (2007)

If Ever You'd Met Me (2011)

Lords of Gondor (2007)

Lost and Found (2010)

Marian's Wish (2011)

Mr. Frodo's Waiting (2009)

No Reason To Celebrate (2010)

Nothing But A Nuisance (2011)

On The Subject of Brothers (2011)

Respite (2007)

Sounds of Home (2011)

The Burden of Sons (2011)

Trees, Nothing More (2009)

Waiting By the Water (2007)

Hi Linaewen,

Your stories have been updated!



Deific Flame (2005) Genres: Drama (includes Angst): Incomplete (Story Info) WIP

Marred Stars (2005) Races/Places: Elves: First Age (Story Info)

Of Entwives and Sundering Seas (2005) Books/Time: The Silmarillion: Second Age (Story Info)

Sapphire Aurae (2005) Races/Places: Elves: Imladris (Story Info)

The End of Days (2005) Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Aman (Story Info)

Hi Bejai,

Your stories have been updated!

Belated, but here goes!

Under klose

And Then There Was Cake, or Begetting Day Horrors (2008):
Bonfires of Trust, Flashfloods of Pain (2007):

Hi Klose,

Your stories have been updated!

Thanks so much for doing this! :D


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