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reminder about mefa-discussion

As we get geared up for 2012, I wanted to remind everyone about the Yahoo group "mefa-discussion."

The MEFAwards Yahoo group and the mefas LJ community and primarily for announcements, and for members to get help if they have questions about the awards. The Yahoo group mefa-discussion, on the other hand, is more for the nuts-and-bolts aspect of the award. As the post-mortem winds down, there are a few topics I want additional opinions on. Mostly these are little things, like what to name new subgenres. When a question comes up and I need more opinions I ask it there.

Also, as Aranel gets the 2012 site ready, she'll use that group to beta-test it. So if either of these things sounds interesting, please join there. To join up:

--- (1) Send an email to, or
--- (2) Click the "Join This Group!" link at

Unfortunately, I believe Yahoo membership is required to participate. If you cannot join for that reason email me privately (mefasupportATgmailDOTcom) and I'll try to find another way for you to participate in those discussions.
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