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final hard-to-reach authors list

Hey guys,

As you probably know, nominations for the 2011 MEFAs. We currently have around 550 nominations, not counting the withdrawn ones - not too shabby! Thanks to everyone who nominated.

In just under a week we'll start work on categorization. To do that we need authors to complete their story forms, and everyone else needs to know whether stories will be competing or not anyway. So after July 7 I will withdraw those nominations where the nomination isn't 100% ready to compete. In practical terms, I encourage authors to try to finish their forms by July 5 or 6, to give their liaison some time to work out any errors that might need fixing.

To that end: here are some authors who *may* not know they've been nominated, or *may* not know they still have to do something in order to compete. The following authors haven't begun their forms or given us an indication they know they've been nominated.

Adlanth (liaison: Inkling, inkling-tcbsATsbcglobalDOTnet)
Chisscientist (liaison: Inkling, inkling-tcbsATsbcglobalDOTnet)
Gwynnyd (liaison: Adonnen Estenniel, adonnenDOTestennielATgmailDOTcom) *contacted*
Kaylee Arafinwiel (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom) *contacted*
Llinos (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
Nekomitsu (liaison: Fiondil, namondilATgmailDOTcom)
Osheen Nevoy (liaison: Adonnen Estenniel, adonnenDOTestennielATgmailDOTcom)
rosethorn59 (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
Tevildo (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)

These authors have begun but not finished their forms.

Armedwithacomputer (liaison: Inkling, inkling-tcbsATsbcglobalDOTnet)
DrummerWench (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
Elf Cakes (liaison: Linaewen, marggrenawaltATsbcglobalDOTnet)
Esteliel (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom) *contacted*
Galadriel (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
MysteriousJedi (liaison: Inkling, inkling-tcbsATsbcglobalDOTnet)
Nefhiel (liaison: Inkling, inkling-tcbsATsbcglobalDOTnet)
Wormwood (liaison: Adonnen Estenniel, adonnenDOTestennielATgmailDOTcom)

It's really the first list that I'm most concerned about, and some of those people were just nominated in the last few days. But if you know them, do make sure they know they've been nominated.

The second list, it's entirely possible that these people know they were nominated and are making good progress. I'm a little concerned that they may not know our deadline is coming or that there's something else they still need to do, but on the other hand, they *do* still have time to tie up those loose threads. Meaning there are still very legitimate reasons for their forms not to be done yet. I have left off veteran MEFA members who I'm confident know what they need to do as well as people who are 100% done with most of their nominations.

In any event, if you see your name listed get in touch with your liaison. And if you see a name listed of someone you know, especially on the first list, have them get in touch, too. Authors should have also received an email by me earlier today listing what nominations were good to go and which ones still needed work.

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