telperion1 (telperion1) wrote in mefas,

ADMIN - end of nominations approaching

Hey guys,

Just a friendly reminder: if you want to nominate a story for the 2011 MEFAs, you need to get it in soon.

--- Nominators: You MUST submit your nomination by June 30.
--- Authors: You MUST finish the form for your story by July 6. Preferably a few days earlier, in case there are any errors that need working out.

And remember, all deadlines are based on Greenwich Mean Time, not your local time. For instance, I live on the US east coast, which means I'm four hours behind GMT. So the MEFA day ends, not when my clock says 11:59 PM, but when it says 7:59 PM. You can see exactly how much time you have left by going to and checking out the countdown in the top-right corner.

(MEFA Admin.)
Tags: 2011, admin, deadlines, nominations
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