December 10th, 2019


MEFA Yahoo Groups and


Not sure if anyone's still around on LJ, but figured I should post info here as well.

If you haven't heard, Yahoo is essentially shutting down Groups (turning them into mailing lists only). I have downloaded the messages from the MEFA Groups and will be posting them as an archive (they will be static, not a forum/mailing list) at the website. Probably not until next month, because I have some other things going on right now. But the messages are downloaded, safe, and in a database and ready to be put up on the site (I just need to write an interface for everyone to read and search them).

I've also created a new MEFA group at If you would like to join this group and catch up with other MEFA participants and/or help with some projects for the MEFA Archive, come join the group! When you join the group, it will ask you to send me your MEFA username/pen name. This is to help me filter out spammers.

I've also created a MEFA Discord. Info on joining it is posted at the MEFA Group. The Discord is just for socializing (no news or info about the archive, that's all at the MEFA Group or on the Archive website).

And, as always, if you're wanting to trek down Memory Lane and read some classic fic, head on over to the MEFA Archive! It's had a little makeover and is now mostly mobile-friendly. (Still needs some work).