December 3rd, 2008


2008 MEFAs - The Results Are In!

The 2008 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards are now over, and what a year! We had nearly 5,400 reviews for 660 stories, which is up from previous years strictly by the numbers. I noticed many new faces and more people discussing the awards. We've also had some very nifty additions to the website and some new volunteers getting involved to help utilize those features. (I'm thinking of the potential authors now have to reply to reviews from the website, though there are loads of other cool advancements as well.) Of course I'm biased, but I really am proud of the way these awards are growing.

But you guys know all that. You want to see the results. :-)

If you'd like to read some of these stories or the reviews that were written about them, please check out the results at our web page. Just go to , log in (or click "log in as guest"), and click "2008 Story Results."

CONGRATULATIONS to the following reviewers who met their reviewing goals set last spring.

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These are by no means all the reviewers. Everyone, you deserve a hand!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to the following authors for their success in this year's Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards.

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Again, this by no means represents all of the good stories. In some of the sub-categories competition was quite intense, and there are some very worthwhile entries not listed here. If you have the time, I encourage everyone to continue looking at any of this year's nominations that you didn't get to. You can still leave the author a review wherever the story is posted. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Thank you again for your participation this year - I think it was a success, and it wouldn't have been without so much participation. :-)

Here's to 2009!

(MEFA Admin.)