July 6th, 2008


First Check Ballot Up

Hey guys,

The other volunteers and I have successfully sorted all of this year's nominations into categories and subcategories. Thank you to Elliska, Inkling, and Rhonda for your help on this. And also, thank you to Tanaqui and Aranel Took for all of the technical advancements that made that easier this year.

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Now on with the ballots!

--- Adventure
--- Alternate Universe
--- Drama
--- Horror
--- Humor
--- Longer Works
--- Mystery
--- Non-Fiction
--- Poetry
--- Romance

--- Cross-Cultural
--- Dwarves
--- Elves
--- Hobbits
--- Men
--- Other Beings
--- Villains

--- First Age and Prior
--- Second Age and Early Third Age (pre-2850 TA) (pre-1250 SR)
--- Mid Third Age (2851-3017 TA) (1251-1417 SR)
--- Late Third Age (3018-3022 TA) (1418-1422 SR)
--- Fourth Age and Beyond (post-1422 SR)
--- Modern Times
--- Multi-Age

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