June 16th, 2008

ADMIN - Nominations Now Closed

Nominations for the 2008 MEFAs have now closed, and no more stories can be nominated this year.

All authors are currently being emailed to let them know which of their stories have been nominated, which nominations have been finalised, and which they still need to do some work on. I hope to get all of these emails sent today, but there nearly 220 authors nominated so it will take me a while!

Authors have one more week after nominations close to give the final approval for each of their nominations. This includes:

--- completing the form about their nomination and giving it the status "Author satisfied with form"; and
--- emailing your liaison to say you are satisfied with the form.

You must do this before the END OF 21 JUNE 2008, or your story will be withdrawn and will not be able to compete this year.

Full details of how to finalise your nomination can be found in Marta's post last week.

Once all nominations have been finalized, we will begin categorising stories into the award categories in which they will compete. More on that soon (or check out the FAQs at the MEFA site).

The MEFA Volunteer Team