May 24th, 2008


Additions to FAQs

Hey guys,

We have added a new help document to the MEFA website that I think a lot of you will like a lot. It's a guide for new members, covering how to make a nomination, accept a nomination, and vote.

Now, all of these things are covered in the normal FAQ, but this guide is geared specifically for people new to the awards. That means it focuses only on the details that are most important to people new to the awards. The FAQ are great, but we try to cover every aspect of a question in those documents - and that can be a bit overwhelming for new members.

Even better, this guide is laid out differently than our FAQs: it is patterned after the "for Dummies" books, complete with those reminders and warnings off to the side of the page. Dawn Felagund and Pearl Took (who wrote this guide) did a really nice job, and Tanaqui made it display quite nicely on the page, and I hope you all find it useful. Even if you're not a new member, there are some really good reminders if you find yourself a little confused on what to do.

To access it, you need to log into the website and click the "New Members - Start Here" link. It's the first thing you see when you log in.

PS - Tanaqui also corrected an inaccuracy in two of the voting FAQs, "Can I edit a review after I write it?" and "How do I edit a review?" Elena Tiriel reported there was a problem with the date displayed, and that should be fixed now. Thanks, ladies!