May 8th, 2008


ADMIN - Withdrawing Stories

Hey guys,

I want to talk about withdrawing nominations. Every year several hundred stories are nominated for the MEFAs - and it seems like every year at least a few stories need to be withdrawn. Now, I'm fully aware that life happens, often in a way no one ever anticipated, and I don't mind withdrawing stories when the need arises.

However, when you withdraw a story that you had said could compete, you affect lots of people: your nominator, other authors, voters, and volunteers. While I want authors to be able to leave the awards if they need to, I also want them to think carefully beforehand: will you be happy with their story to stay in the awards until voting finishes, barring any unforeseen event? Sometimes stuff happens and you have to change your answer mid-awards; but sometimes, you can anticipate that you may need to pull out, before you accept your nomination.

Authors have until one week after nominations close (this year: June 21) to accept their nominations and feel out the story forms. If you need to withdraw a nomination before then, you can do so without any penalty. After June 21, you can still withdraw stories, but they'll be ineligible to compete again just like if they competed the whole year. This means that if a WIP is withdrawn on June 22, it will only be eligible to compete again when it's complete. And if a completed story is withdrawn on June 22, it's never eligible again.

If you are leaving a specific archive but your story will still be posted elsewhere, we can update the story link given on our site. Just email me your name, your story title, and the new link, and I'll change it on our website.

If you would like to withdraw your story, email me and I'll take it down for you.

In either case, email mefasupport(at)mefawards(dot)net.


(MEFA Admin.)