May 5th, 2008


MEFA Unsung Heroes

Hey guys,

Earlier today I was thinking about the MEFAs (not a rare occurrence these days!). Specifically, I was thinking about the members who help out. See, I know a lot of people associate the MEFAs with my name because I am the one whose name is at the bottom of the announcements, and I am often the one who answers questions. However, I am far from the only one who is involved. If anything, the MEFAs are like an iceberg: 10% visible, 90% below the surface.

I talk sometimes about some of these volunteers, but I usually talk about the ones I actually have regular contact with. There are lots of other people who do jobs just because they need to be done. I can call on them and tell them what needs to be done, and then they just run with it. Usually these people do such a good job that it is easy for me to forget they are even there. Which I know I really shouldn't, because they are invaluable to the whole process. For me the MEFAs can be a real juggling act; I try to give my attention to as much as I can, and areas that are working well, I tend to forget about because I *can.*

That's no excuse, though. So I want to take a moment to thank just some of the people who don't get NEARLY as much credit as they deserve, and without whom these awards would not be happening.

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