April 28th, 2008


start of nomination - important date change

Hey guys,

I've been talking with Tanaqui and Aranel Took about the state of our website and how ready we are for the 2008 awards. Some of the changes suggested in the post-mortem turned out to be a little tricky to code, which means they took longer to expected. The website is very nearly ready to go. However, if we start nominations on May 1 (as we had intennded) we won't have time to test the changes.

And testing is important. I'd hate for a part of the website not to work properly when we actually need it; we could lose information people had entered, or just have to fix it while trying to run the awards. Not fun. So I'd like to give them a few more days to really get everything in order and have it properly tested.

This means that we won't start nominations until May 4, rather than May 1 like we were aiming for. We'll still plan to close nominations on June 15. The delay is only three days, and it really helps people to have later seasons end on nice round numbers (like the 15th or last day of a month). So do start thinking about what you'd like to nominate, so you can enter your nominations when they do open.

I will make a post (not an announcement but a regularly post) on May 1 about some changes decided on in the post-mortem and some ways the website will be improved. I'm really excited about some of these changes, and think you will be.

One of those changes is that I'll be making weekly posts about important policies, how-to's, commonly misunderstood things, and the like. Also, once voting starts, I'll be posting lists of special types of stories, e.g., all the FLFs or all the First Age stories, to help you decide what to vote for. These won't be special announcements - I want to save those for making major announcements, like the close of nominations approaching - but you do want to check these out. They'll be posted here and at the MEFAwards Yahoo group every Thursday through the end of the awards.

Thanks for your patience - can't wait to start 2008!

(MEFA Admin.)