March 15th, 2008


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Hey guys,

I know some of you are wondering when the 2008 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards will start. A few weeks ago we finished the post-mortem about the 2007 awards and decided on some ways to make them better. Several volunteers (myself included) are working hard to get the website ready for these changes. As we get closer to the awards, I'll write more about some of these changes. Some of them are quite exciting and I think will make the awards run a lot smoother, but I'd rather they be fresh in peoples' minds when the awards start. So enough on that for now. :-)

We are aiming to start the 2008 awards on May 1.

Some of you have asked what you can do to help. I'll ask for volunteers next month. Right now, you can start to think about what you'd like to nominate.

If you are a member of the MEFAwards Yahoo group, you can nominate up to twenty stories, poems, drabbles, essays, or any other form of writing you can think of. Self-nominations are welcome, so you can nominate your own things, or you can nominate stories by other people.

Each person "only" gets to nominate twenty pieces, which can be a lot or painfully little, depending on your reading habits. You could sit down and think about what you'd like to nominate. Also, over the next six weeks, pay attention to stories you particularly like; you may want to nominate them.

If you decide to nominate pieces by other people (which is great! and highly encouraged), we'll need an email address that they check regularly. It also helps if they know a story will be nominated so they can be on the look-out for emails from us. So if you know someone who you'd like to nominate, it's a good idea to check what email address they'd like to use. Also, you can tell them that all MEFA-related emails will be coming from an "" email address, so they can tell their email program not to treat such emails as spam.

If you're not already a member of the MEFAwards Yahoo group, go ahead and join so we can get your account set up. That way you can begin nominating on May 1.

I think that's it! If you have any questions, please post them here. RL is keeping me busy, but some of our other volunteers will watch this group for questions.

Marta (MEFA Admin.)

PS - If you've forgotten what stories are eligible and what aren't, here's a quick checklist. Eligible completed stories:

- are about Middle-earth, Valinor, or some other creation of Tolkien
- fit the General, Teen, or Mature rating described at
- are posted where everyone can read them without logging in
- if posted on more than one page, have a way to get from one page to the next
- have not competed in the past as completed fics
- (for series) do not have parts that have competed in the past

Eligible WIPs have mostly the same requirements, but they must not have competed in the past at all.