February 23rd, 2008

Post-mortem concluded

Hi all,

On behalf of the MEFA admin, Marta, who is tied up with RL matters at present, I wanted to let you know that the post-mortem of the 2007 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards is now concluded. For the past seven weeks members of the mefa-discussion Yahoo group have been discussing various issues related to nominations, categorization, and voting, and a summary of the decisions reached can be found at the end of this post.

Please note that the decisions described have already been made, and are no longer open to discussion until next year's post-mortem. Everyone is welcome to participate in post-mortem discussions, and at the end of the awards each year an announcement is made at this LJ community and at the MEFAwards Yahoo group that the post-mortem is beginning, and inviting all interested parties to join the mefa-discussion Yahoo group.

For more details on the 2007 post-mortem or the decisions reached, you can find the beginning of the discussion here.

Please watch this LJ and the MEFAwards Yahoo group for announcements in coming weeks about the opening of MEFA 2008. In the meantime, please do not send queries to the mefasupport email address, as Marta isn't available right now to answer questions. General questions may be posted here, and you can email technical questions to: techsupport@mefawards.net.

Thank you,


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