January 22nd, 2008


Post-Mortem Report: Nominations and Eligibility

Hey guys,

When I posted saying that the post-mortem was done discussing the nomination period of the awards I promised to come back later that evening with a full report on what had been decided. And then I got distracted. :-)

Here are some important changes for 2008 concerning the nomination process and the eligibility of certain types of stories.

(So everyone knows: these changes were discussed extensively at the mefa-discussion group. The decisions have already been made, and are no longer open to discussion until next year's post-mortem. If you would like to take part in the discussion please do so at the mefa-discussion Yahoo group. But if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to explain things further!)

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I think that's it! There will be some additions to the website, but no other major policy changes. I'll do another report on categorizing once we're done with that discussion in a few weeks.

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Stats for 2007 Awards

Courtesy of Tanaqui. Some of you might find these interesting, I know I did.

Total Stories: 726
Total Story Reviews: 5012

Total Story Review Points: 23,036
Total Story Review Characters: 2,347,835

Average Story Review Score: 4.96
Average Story Review Characters: 468

Average Total Story Score: 31.73 points
Average Total Story Characters: 3234

Longest Story Review: 4736 characters (35 reviews greater than 2000 characters)

Max Total Story Points For Any One Story: 118
Max Total Story Characters For Any One Story: 14349
Max Total Story Reviews For Any One Story: 19

Persons who left Story Reviews: 102
Total Authors: 221 (including groups as 1 author)
Total Nominators: 98
Total Active Participants (Authors + Nominators + Reviewers): 243

For those interested in these things, Anthony posted similar stats for the 2006 awards at


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