January 18th, 2008


Funds Drive

Hey guys,

For the most part, the MEFAs don't cost anything but time. The website was designed and coded by volunteers and is run ad-free; the competition itself is run by volunteers. There is no cash reward for the winners, no monetary compensation even for the most active volunteers. It's a labor of love.

Which is precisely why I hate asking for donations. However, the company that hosts our website takes a slightly more capitalistic view of things. So we occasionally ask our members to chip in towards our site costs. Therefore:

This is completely voluntary. If you can't or don't want to give money, you can still participate. As a perpetually poor graduate student I can relate to not having the extra money, and if you want to contribute to the awards we will always be able to find a use for your time.

Second, whatever you contribute will go to our hosting fees. Not to my Amazon slush fund, not as thanks to the volunteers (who IMO deserve it!) or rewards to the winners. The more that is donated, the longer it will be before I'm back here with my hand out.

Oh, and in the past people have wanted to donate without doing so online. (Yes, some people don't have credit or debit cards - I think they're smart!) For these people, in the past I've let you mail me checks and I have deposited them into my personal account, then made a corresponding donation for you. If you'd like to do this email me privately and I'll give you my address.


(MEFA Admin.)