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review posting - a poll

You may remember from last year that when reviews show up at the website, they also are posted to groups outside the website. In the past this has meant daily emails to the MEFAwards Yahoo group and daily posts with links to said messages at this LJ comm. I think the idea of posting the reviews places other than the MEFA website is a good one, if only because it keeps reminding people that the MEFAs are out there (which hopefully means they'll be reminded to review themselves, if they want to). But I want to be careful to do this in a way that doesn't flood your inbox.

I've been discussing with just_ann_now (who actually posts the reviews anywhere beside the MEFA website) about how we can best handle this. And she and I agree: we want some more opinions of what people actually want. So: please fill out the following poll with your opinions. While we won't simply do whatever the majority wants --the other volunteers and I weigh majority opinion along with other factors when making any decision-- we truly do want to know what you prefer.

Poll #1451065 mefas-review posting

1. MEFA reviews are always available on the MEFA website. Should they be posted anywhere else in addition to the MEFA website?

a. Yes - reviews should be posted through LJ or Yahoo group posts, in addition to being on the MEFA website.
b. No - just having reviews posted at the MEFA website is sufficient.
c. I have no strong feelings on this subject.

2. How important is it that the reviews themselves be posted at the MEFAwards Yahoo group?

a. The reviews themselves really should be posted at the MEFAwards Yahoo group.
b. The reviews themselves should be posted somewhere besides the MEFA website, but not to the MEFAwards group itself. (i.e.: to this LJ comm or some new Yahoo group)
c. The reviews should be posted *somewhere* online, but I have no strong feelings about where.
d. So long as the reviews are available at the MEFA website itself, I don't see any need for them to be posted elsewhere.

(Poll will be open until next Sunday, September 6.)

A few quick "P.S."'s:
1. Until this poll closes next Sunday, we will post reviews at this LJ, and there will be a weekly "round-up" post will be made to MEFAwards containing links to the LJ posts. (This is the kind of thing meant by answer "b" to question "2" below.) If the majority want something else, we'll consider changing how reviews are posted after the first week, once the poll results are in.

2. Whatever is decided in this poll, it won't change the fact that you can still read reviews at the MEFA website. This poll only deals with how reviews are posted to other sites like this LJ community and the MEFAwards group.

3. Comments are open, but that is not an open invitation to debate this issue. They're open so that non-LJ members can have their say. If you don't have an LJ please make a comment saying what option you'd choose if you were able to complete the poll. If you do have an LJ account, please fill out the poll rather than commenting.

Marta (MEFA Admin.)
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