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MEFA post-mortem poll - PLEASE READ
telperion1 wrote in mefas
As many of you may remember, several MEFA volunteers and I have been discussing suggestions made by our members for the 2009 awards. I'd like to get your opinion on one of those issues. Specifically, we're talking about how to handle banners for story winners. We're currently debating between two options.

Option #1
Banner artists create a variety of banners about a variety of races, characters, etc. - this year there were several hundred that authors could choose from. All banners are open to all authors (there aren't banners open only to winners in the Drama category, the Fourth Age and Beyond category, etc.) Winning authors select their choice and email their decisions to a MEFA volunteer, who customizes their banner choices with the place won and the category and subcategory in which their story competed, and emails the completed banner to the author.

This option is essentially the current system we used this year, though we may make some changes to how banners are claimed, to smooth out some snags.


Option #2:
Under this system, banner artists would create a banner for a particular category. Winning authors could choose only from that category's banners. When an artist creates a banner they would create multiple versions of it so that an author would not have to ask for a banner to be customized; there would already be a version of the banner that matched their story, and they could simply download it and post it right away.

This system is similar (but not identical!) to how we did banners back in 2004 and 2005. Unlike the old system, there would not be a different banner for each place; each banner artist would create one banner and add text so it was appropriate for each subcategory and place.


Whichever option we go with, you would of course be free to make your own banner if you prefer. You will not have to use the official banner provided.

Please vote in the following poll to tell us which option you prefer.

Poll #1380461 MEFA 2009 PM - Banners

Which of the options above do you most prefer?

Option #1
Option #2

How strongly do you feel about this choice? (5 = feel very strongly, 1 = don't really care)

Mean: 3.29 Median: 3 Std. Dev 1.02

Which of the following describes you? (You may select more than one answer.)

I am a participating author.
I am a banner creator or banner customizer.
I am neither.

If your LJ name is different from the name by which you are known at the MEFAs, list the name the MEFA volunteers would know.

The poll ends in three days, at midnight GMT on Saturday April 11.

If you do not have an LJ account, you may vote by leaving an anonymous comment. (Please include your MEFA name so I know who is voting; unsigned votes will not be counted.) If you have any questions you are also free to leave them in the comments. All comments will be screened so as not to influence other voters.


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