I will not say: do not weep

Hey guys,

By now most of you know that we won't be having a 2012 season of the MEFAs. This news of course makes me very sad, because these awards have been one of the few constants in my life. I also had some of my own stories that I was looking forward to seeing compete in the awards, as I'm sure everyone else did.

I've been thinking these last few days about Gandalf's words to the hobbits just before the Ringbearers sailed west: I will not say: do not weep, for not all tears are an evil. As sad as it is that the MEFAs are ending, the reason it's so sad is because they were such a positive experience for so many years. That makes me grateful on top of being sad. So the ending of the MEFAs is definitely bittersweet, but with a measure of sweet mixed in with the bitter.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been involved with the MEFAs. This turned out to be harder than you'd think, because (unlike governments and elephants) I do forget. I had every intention of thanking people going all the way back to 2004 – but since I can't find any lists from the time, I'm sure I'd leave some people off. And that's the last thing I want to do! I'd also have to name most people who are members of the [MEFAwards] Yahoo group, and a fair few who aren't. I've always felt that with the MEFAs, it's not just our formal volunteers – liaisons, categorizers, banner makers and so on – but also people who participate in the awards by reviewing and letting their pieces compete that have made our event such a great experience over the years.

I do want to thank publicly everyone who had volunteered to help with the 2012 awards. The fact that we didn't end up needing your services doesn't change the fact that you were willing to pitch in:

  • Banner-Makers: cactuskim, Ellin Ithilwen, nautika, Nosterineth, and Uvatha the Horseman
  • Categorizers: Dreamflower, Elliska, Inkling, Linaewen, and Marta
  • Liaisons: Agape4rivendell, Aliana, Angelica, Cathleen, Dreamflower, Elliska, Inkling, Levade, Linaewen, and Virtuella
  • Membership Manager: Elliska
  • Promoters: Cathleen, Dawn Felagund, Dwimordene, Ellie, Inkling, Larner, Neme Indil, and obsidianj
  • Ratings Panel: curious wombat, Fiondil, Keiliss, Larner, Neume Indil, Raksha the Demon, Russandol, and Sulriel
  • Technical Support: Aranel Took and Tanaqui
  • Welcome Manager: Nath

Additionally, the following people deserve special recognition.

  • Ainaechoiriel, who gave us the awards to begin with
  • Anthony Holder, Aranel Took, and Tanqui, who designed our website and helped people use it
  • Aranel Took, for designing our archive (and hosting it now so it will still be on the web in the future)
  • Elliska, who made sure each member only had one account on our website
  • Elliska and Inkling, who (as the longest serving liaisons) helped hundreds of authors each year. The three of us also categorized the majority of stories in recent years. All the liaisons and categorizers worked hard; these two ladies were truly superlative.
  • Dreamflower and Linaewen, who this last year really stepped up to help run things behind the scenes, first with categorizing and then with everything that came after.
  • Radbooks, who for years helped out as both liaison and categorizer, and also contributed many good ideas to our post-mortems
  • PipMer and Radbooks, who both served as welcome managers.
  • Rhapsody, Fiondil, Beruthiel's Cat, Nieriel Raina and Neume Indil, who helped organize banners and made sure we had a good variety
  • Foxrafer, elea24,  and Tanaqui, who forwarded author replies to their reviewers.
  • Annmarwalk, Rhapsody and Levade, who posted MEFA reviews to Yahoo and LJ by hand

As for myself, I've always either found people to volunteer in different roles or done the work myself. That covers a lot of different tasks. In recent years I typically was the one to write and update most of the text you see on the website, and the announcements you saw around the interwebz about the MEFAs. I also looked over each nomination to make sure the form was filled out correctly, sent out emails to every competing author at different points in the awards, answered any questions people had as best I could, and worked with Aranel and Tanaqui to develop new web features (strictly as a dreamer – I never typed a line of code).

It's been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. So I want to thank you, any author or reviewer who made the awards possible. These awards have given me some great opportunities to give back to fandom but also to grow as a person. (I can't believe how young I was when I started helping out here!)

If you want to do something to commemorate the MEFAs, I'd suggest two things. First, thank a volunteer. Not me; I mean your liaison or the artist who made that banner you liked. Someone who shaped your MEFA experience in a much more personal way than I could have. Then go to our archive, at and find a story that interests you and review it. Rewarding authors through feedback – particularly lesser-known ones whose work is still first-rate – is one of the things I always loved most about these awards.

The MEFAs are ending, and that is certainly sad, though fandom will go on. Even our awards won't vanish from the internet entirely. We will still keep our archive online so you can find old stories and reviews. Even though there won't be any new MEFA seasons, the thought of all those old nominations I can still read is a comforting one. And while I'm turning off new comments at the LJ community and Yahoo groups associated with the MEFAs, the old messages at those groups will always be there.

If you need help with something MEFA-related, please email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. I also hope to respond to everyone who has emailed me lately, though it may take some time. (I broke a bone in my hand last week so typing for long periods can be painful.) So some of you may be hearing from me in the future. In any event, I hope to see you at the archives, LJ, and other fandom haunts.

Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace!


(MEFA Admin.)


MEFA Yahoo Groups and


Not sure if anyone's still around on LJ, but figured I should post info here as well.

If you haven't heard, Yahoo is essentially shutting down Groups (turning them into mailing lists only). I have downloaded the messages from the MEFA Groups and will be posting them as an archive (they will be static, not a forum/mailing list) at the website. Probably not until next month, because I have some other things going on right now. But the messages are downloaded, safe, and in a database and ready to be put up on the site (I just need to write an interface for everyone to read and search them).

I've also created a new MEFA group at If you would like to join this group and catch up with other MEFA participants and/or help with some projects for the MEFA Archive, come join the group! When you join the group, it will ask you to send me your MEFA username/pen name. This is to help me filter out spammers.

I've also created a MEFA Discord. Info on joining it is posted at the MEFA Group. The Discord is just for socializing (no news or info about the archive, that's all at the MEFA Group or on the Archive website).

And, as always, if you're wanting to trek down Memory Lane and read some classic fic, head on over to the MEFA Archive! It's had a little makeover and is now mostly mobile-friendly. (Still needs some work).


HASA shutdown and URL updates

Hello everyone,

A reminder that HASA's ending is rapidly approaching. :-(

If you still have not submitted URL updates for the MEFA archive, please put them in a comment on this post. There is no deadline for submitting updates (for HASA or any other archive that may have shut down), but once HASA is gone, visitors will no longer be able to get to your story from the Archive.

HASA is also looking for volunteers to help move the stories to AO3's Open Doors. AO3 is a great site, very invested in preserving fanfic, so this would be a very good project to get involved with if you have the time.

Please pass the word around to friends and groups, regarding both the MEFA Archive URLs and the HASA preservation project, so we can save as many stories as possible!


MEFA Archive: Update your URLs!

Hello, everyone.

As you may have heard, the HASA archive is shutting down at the end of the year. You can read more about this at the HASA website. Due to this closing, I will update URLs in the MEFAwards Archive for the new locations of your stories.

If you would like the URLs of your stories updated, please post a comment to this post with your MEFA pen name and the titles, year of competition and new URLs of your stories.

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Announcement from Aranel: Cancellation of MEFAs

Hello everyone,

I'm sad to be the bearer of bad news, but I am going to have to step in and end the possibility of a 2012 MEFAs.

This decision is my own. I informed Marta, Elliska, and Inkling today that I am unable to continue supporting the website. There are still some bugs to be worked out, we've been having database issues with the hosting company, and with everything that's been going on I haven't been able to give the site my full attention to have it totally ready to go. It's become too much stress to deal with and it's negatively affecting my Real Life. Real Life has to take priority.

The site is in a condition that it is impossible for someone else to take it over at this point for a 2012 awards. There are still a lot of things to do for updating the post-nominations seasons. There are still bugs from the new updates to work out. I have been the only tech support person for the last year or so, so nobody else is familiar with it. I am also the worst code documenter in the universe (if there was an Olympics for crappy code documentation, I would win the gold!), so it would be no easy task for someone else to take over the updates and bug fixes.

I will still host the MEFA Archive and I will finish updating the 2011 stories as soon as possible (after a break to de-stress).

I know many will be disappointed in me, probably very angry with me, and I am truly sorry. But I know there are others already planning new awards, so I suggest taking your ire with me and focusing that energy on helping them out or starting new awards.

I will preemptively address transferring the site code to someone else: Honestly, I'm a bit selfish about it and I'm really not willing to give away the work I've done. I also don't want to have to support the code (see: crappy documentation). And, really, your tech support and your users will be much happier if you decide what you want in your awards and then design your own site from the ground-up to do exactly what you want. It will work much better than trying to adapt someone else's code to fit your plans.

I ask that you please respect my decision and not try to persuade me to change my mind on anything I've said.

Aranel Took

a difficult decision, and a poll

Hey guys,

Over the last several days this list has been buzzing about our new content advisory policy. This list has actually only been one aspect of everything that's going on. Elliska, the member whose job contract I mentioned a few days ago, has been attacked through anonymous reviews of her stories. She also had her perceived religious identity attacked – and, while this perception turned out to be wrong, it hit much closer to the mark when it came to me. (Right or wrong, personal attacks like this are completely inappropriate.) I also have been accused of purposely obstructing the discussions about rating, of filibustering and censoring authors and trying to put off changes rather than taking people seriously. I've also been talked down to and embarrassed before large groups of people.

The truth of the matter is I'm just a grad student. The MEFAs are playtime for me, a way to relax and encourage creativity – scheming is entirely too much work. :-) But they do take a lot of my time. During the busy parts of the awards (nominations and categorizing) I probably worked on the awards at least 3-4 hours a night, out of a fondness for this fandom generally and this awards in particular. I continued to work the rest of the year trying to make the MEFAs better, albeit for less time (I'd estimate ten hours a week on average during the rest of the year). I've also donated several hundred of dollars toward hosting costs over the years.

Other people have worked many more hours than I have, and for much longer periods of time; our first administrator Ainaechoiriel, and our webmasters Aranel Took, Tanaqui, and Anthony Holder jump to mind, not to mention all the liaisons, categorizers, banner makers and other volunteers who have been "insufficiently reluctant" over the years. None of us were paid in anything except gratitude (which we certainly appreciated!), and in the hope that the MEFAs were a positive contribution to the fandom. We did this because it made our corner of the internet a better place, and because it was fun.

But these last several days have not been fun. I don't mind vigorous debate and was fully prepared to discuss people's concerns with them, once I had the time to do that. This wasn't a delaying tactic – it's the simple reality that I didn't have time right now to discuss policies and to give these concerns the consideration they deserve. But the way people presented and kept pressing these complaints has made the MEFAs less a pleasure and more a stressful burden for me.

Speaking for myself, I have gone from sorta-kinda dreading the 2012 awards, to wanting to quit after the 2012 awards, to wanting to quit now. I have also talked to several other volunteers without whose help I could not run these awards, and they told me that they also didn't want to carry on with the MEFAs. (In the interest of transparency: that's Aranel Took, Inkling, and Elliska.) On top of getting ready for the 2012 awards and trying to answer concerns about the new content advisory policy, we started having one of the most difficult discussions I've ever had: whether to keep putting on the MEFAs.

I have loved working with the MEFAs since they started eight years ago. As far as I know, Inkling, Elliska, and Aranel Took all feel similarly toward the awards, or at least they did until recently. We've had a lot of fun putting them on, and many of the authors, readers and other volunteers who participated seemed to enjoy them. But after discussing the current state of things, we all came to the same conclusion: it simply isn't worth the effort anymore. If the reaction to the ratings policy is any indication, we're also apparently out of synch with the priorities of many fandom members. If that's right, then other people more in the swing of fandom these days can probably put on events that will make better use of peoples' time.

The bottom line: I am not willing to put so much time and energy into running an awards that lately has become so painful – certainly not past the 2012 awards. Aranel, Elliska, and Inkling aren't willing to do that either. Other people have of course been crucial to the MEFAs' success; I'm certainly aware of that (and thankful to those people!), and I don't want to dismiss their hard work. But the four of us are the volunteers most experienced with the processes required to manage the membership as well as the nomination and categorization seasons--the core administrative parts of the awards.  With all of us leaving together, we do not believe that MEFAs can continue to function adequately.

In light of that, we don't plan to run the MEFAs in 2013 or in any future years. That doesn't mean the spirit of the MEFAs has to die. We invite people who like our basic format (awards where you vote by leaving comments – a style of awards that actually originated in the Star Trek fandom years ago, not with us) to develop their own awards set up along similar lines. You can code your own website or, if you want to start small, run it through a listserv or other online forum like we did back in 2004.

Aranel has also agreed to continue to host the MEFA Archive, so our archive of past nominations, winners, and reviews will still be available at I've always said after every year that just because the voting ends, it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the nominated stories. You can still read the stories and leave them reviews at their archive even if MEFA voting is closed – what author doesn't love a new review on an old piece? If anything, that applies now more than ever.

As for the 2012 awards, we are basically ready to go with those – but I only want to do that if people still want them. I'd like everyone's opinion here. Should 2011 be our last year, or would you like one more round? I've set up two polls, one at the [MEFAwards] Yahoo group and another at the [mefas] LiveJournal community, asking the following question:

Poll #1851115 mefa-2012

Which of the following would you prefer:

Have the 2012 MEFAs, using the same rules and policies currently announced
Not have the 2012 MEFAs, and let the 2011 awards be our final season

Please vote at one of these places by Friday night. If you cannot vote at either Yahoo or LJ, email me at mefasupportATgmailDOTcom. The poll will stay open until 11:59 PM on Friday July 6.

And thank you to everyone who has participated over the years! I'll do a more proper thank-you once we decide whether to have the 2012 awards or not. This group has brought so many talented and passionate people from different archives and corners of fandom together – very appropriate for a group built around our love of the Fellowship of the Nine and all the alliances before it that made that quest possible.

Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo,


(ETA: When I set this poll up, I accidentally set it to display who voted for which option. I know some people may want to vote without this. If you don't want the poll to show what choice you voted for, please use the Yahoo poll or email me your choice to mefasupportATgmailDOTcom.)


Ratings and MEFA Eligibility

Hello everyone,the

A few days ago, several MEFA participants came to me with concerns about the new ratings system we'll be using as part of the 2012 awards. You can see their original letter at:

and my initial reply where I explained the motivation behind this change here:

Because we're so close to the 2012 awards' opening, it's really too late to change the policies for this year. It's not that I don't understand these peoples' concerns; I'm simply too busy in the first part of the awards, where we're accepting new nominations and sorting them into categories, to do anything except run the awards. However, I did promise (and I mean it!) that we can discuss these issues in September, once we're through this busy part of the award.

That conversation will happen right here, at the mefas LJ community in early September. At that point we'll discuss how to improve the way the MEFAs handle ratings, and hopefully people will have some good ideas how we can accomplish the goals I mentioned in my reply (the second link above) while addressing all the concerns people have about this new policy. I really do want to find an approach that works for most people, and if the one we're using in 2012 isn't it, then I'm all for finding a better one.

One thing I do want to emphasize: I know a lot of people think they're being forced into a whole new system, but that really wasn't my intent. (Several other volunteers helped me design the system, but since I signed off on it I'll take responsibility.) I saw it as a finetuning of the old ratings system - which worked pretty well in most ways, but there were some situations in the 2011 awards that we needed to avoid - rather than something completely new. Of course, intent doesn't matter nearly as much as reality, and that's why I'm more than willing to work with anyone interested in this topic, once we're through the crazy-making parts of the awards and I'm able to think about policy.

In the mean time, I encourage everyone to think about this issue as they're using the 2012 site, and think in particular about how we can improve the way we handle ratings. You might want to jot down thoughts over the next two months about what works well and where you think we can improve things.

I know some people may not be comfortable competing under the current guidelines. I hate to see anyone go, but of course I will respect any member's wishes not to participate. Please email me at mefasupportATgmailDOTcom.

In light of the fact that the 2012 awards will be starting soon (which means that I and most of the other volunteers are really very busy right now) I don't want to debate the new system just now. If you're confused by what has changed, I'll do my best to answer your questions. However, if you think certain things need to change, please hold on to those thoughts until we can discuss things properly in September.

On a realted note - and this is IMPORTANT:

As some of you probably know, the 2012 awards were scheduled to start tonight. That's not going to happen. This is mainly because of technical issues that Aranel and I are working hard to straighten out. (It's been an interesting few days in MEFA-land!) We plan to start on Tuesday July 3 and the rest of the awards will proceed as scheduled. Specifically:

  • July 3-July 31: Nominations

  • August 7: Deadline for authors to finish up their nominations

  • Marta

a few more volunteers needed

Greetings, all.

The MEFAs could really use one more ratings panel volunteer. We currently have six volunteers, which is enough to give us two panels running at the same time (meaning less work for everyone, a definite plus). However I'd like to find one more person to be an "alternate." This basically means that if a story comes through where one of our rating panel members feels he or she has a conflict of interest (or just no time!) and so can't read it, the alternate jumps in.

Anyone interested in doing that?

More generally, if you're interested in promoting or making banners (or know anyone who might be), we could still use some help there. just let me know. Also, there are two roles I didn't mention earlier that it would be nice to get volunteers for.

1. The WELCOME MANAGER emails new members to welcome them to the awards and answer any questions they have. So obviously it helps to know a thing or two about the awards, but not necessarily everything; you can always pass any questions you're not sure about to me. Most of the questions are pretty basic - how do I find stories about Boromir, how can I change a saved vote, that kind of thing. The big commitment is time; you'd need to check in once or twice a week from now until January 31.

2. The BANNER COORDINATOR basically organizes the banners. You should email the banner-makers every so often and make sure we have a good variety. Also they'd email you first if they have any questions (but you can also of course contact me if you have any questions). This can be one of the banner-makers if any of them are interested, but it can also be someone completely different.

And we can always use more banner makers and promoters. We have a few of both types, but could use more.

If you're interested in any of this, please let me know. Either reply here, or send me a private email to mefasupportATgmailDOTcom.


the MEFAs want YOU!

Hey guys,

I'm still looking for volunteers for the 2012 MEFAs. If you haven't volunteered and want to help out, I'd certainly appreciate the hand! Let me know now and I can help get you ready to pitch in.

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If you want to help out in any of these areas, PLEASE let me know ASAP. Also if you've volunteered and I overlooked you, let me know that, too. I've received several emails these last several days and it's possible I've overlooked one or two. Just comment here or send me an email to mefasupportATgmailDOTcom.

Also: we're also trying to raise funds to cover the hosting costs for our website. We've currently raised $66.40 - halfway to our costs for a year's worth of webspace. If you haven't donated and would like to you can do so here:

That's it for now! Hope everyone else is looking forward to the MEFAs as much as I am.

some changes gonna come - result of the 2011 post-mortem

Greetings, and well met!

As I mentioned earlier, I've been working these last several months with lots of MEFA volunteers on what we call our post-mortem – an annual discussion on how to improve the awards. It's hard to summarize all the things we decided on in one email, but I'd like to try. Thanks especially to Aranel Took, Tanaqui, Inkling, Elliska, Dreamflower, and Linaewen.

Some of the biggest changes include:

1. First, we'll be CHANGING HOW YOU SIGN UP FOR ACCOUNTS. Right now, if you want to join the website you have to either have a story nominated or else join the [MEFAwards] Yahoo group. We're going to let everyone sign up for accounts at our award website without having to join this Yahoo group, and we'll also give people a way to read and discuss award announcements directly at the website if they'd like. Don't worry - the Yahoo group and LJ community will still be here, and I'll still be making all announcements here. But this way people who aren't members of LJ or Yahoo can participate in the awards. And people that don't use that service anymore will be able to stay informed using the website.

It'll be a few months before we're ready to make this change, and in the meantime you will need to read site announcements at the [MEFAwards] Yahoo group or the [mefas] LJ community. Aranel needs to make some changes to the website to make this happen. Don't worry, once we get closer I'll fill you in on more of the details of how this change will affect everyone. But I did want to let everyone know it's coming. I think it will make it a lot easier for new members to join the awards.

2. Nominators, we're also HELPING YOU NOMINATE MORE STORIES. First, everyone's getting five extra nominations. While you can use these on whoever you want this is a great opportunity to reach out to new authors or even people who you've never nominated yourself but whose work you always enjoy. Additionally, we're changing the rule about poems that also appear as part of stories. One can compete without it making the other ineligible. We do ask that you not abuse this rule by nominating stories that really just show peoples' reactions to a certain poem; but if we're talking a longer story where the poem is just part of it - in that case, both are certainly eligible. A good rule of thumb: the poem shouldn't be more than 10% of the overall
length of the story it's appearing in.

3. One problem we've had in the past is with MATURE-RATED STORIES. As many of you know, adult stories aren't eligible for the MEFAs but mature stories are. This is partly because many of our members like having a more family-friendly awards but also because several of our more active volunteers couldn't participate if we linked to adult material. (RL can be pesky that way. :-) ) But where exactly do you draw the distinction on whether a story is mature or adult? To help with that, we set up a ratings panel a few years back, a group of long-term MEFA members who will read stories and decide whether they think they are mature or adult. If a story was rated adult, it wasn't eligible that year. And if the author put the story before the panel during nominations season, the story could be withdrawn and entered again in a later year (if for example the author changed the story, or MEFA guidelines changed).

But here's the wrinkle: if any story is withdrawn after a certain date, we treat it like it's run the whole year. That means it's not eligible to run again (unless it's a WIP, and even then it has to be finished before it's eligible again). So let's say I nominate a story that I think is mature, but a reader later complains about this. The story then goes to the ratings panel, and if they decide it's adult, the story is withdrawn. And if this happens late enough in the awards I've lost my chance to compete. To avoid that problem, we're tweaking the rules a little bit. If your story is rated "mature" you need to show that it's not really adult before it can compete. This can happen in two ways: you can either run it by the ratings panel during the nomination period, or else you can show us a major archive (not just a personal site or blog) where the story is posted with a rating that clearly fits within the "mature" rating. And this doesn't have to be the link you give the MEFAs; it can be any other site that basically shows the story fits our mature ratings. Either way, you need to show us it's not adult during the nomination period; otherwise, it won't be able to compete. But the real point of all this is that it also won't be pulled out of the awards later, if someone complains that it's adult rather than mature.

Actually, when I said "mature" above that's a bit misleading. We won't actually have ratings as we used to, this year. Instead we're using something called "content advisories." It will be kind of like selecting a rating for sex, and a separate rating for violence, and yet a third rating for other mature themes. The rating won't be general/teen/mature but instead will be a number (and we'll give guidelines for what's appropriate at each number). So for instance a story with no sexual content might get a sexuality score of 1, while a story that implies sex but doesn't depict it would warrant a 3 or 4. There are similar guidelines for violence and other themes. This will give the reader more information – some readers are fine reading a
story with a lot of violent content but want to steer clear of anything beyond a kiss (or vice versa). A six on any of these content advisories means the story would have been adult under the old system (so can't compete); 1-4 is clearly eligible, and 5 is the borderline case described above that may need to go to the ratings panel.

4. A lot of people are still confused by the TIME PERIOD CATEGORIES they get to choose from. So we're rejigging the list of categories available. Authors will now be able to choose from:

--- First Age and Prior
--- Second Age
--- Early Third Age (1-2770 TA) (1-1170 SR)
--- Mid Third Age (2771-2942 TA) (1171-1342 SR)
--- Late Third Age (2943-3017 TA) (1343-1417 SR)
--- The Great Years (3018-3019 TA) (1418-149 SR)
--- Post-Ring war (3020-3022 TA) (1420-1422 SR)
--- Fourth Age and Beyond
--- Modern Times
--- Multi-Ages

Some of those categories are a bit on the smallish side, so we may end up combining them. For example, if Second Age has four stories and Early Third Age has three, categorizers may choose to create a "Second Age and Early Third Age" category rather than sending all those stories to their second or third choice. The categorizers will make these decisions once all the nominations are in. But we'll try to keep those categories separate where we can, and people looking for stories will still be able to use them when finding stories to read.

Basically, "Early Third Age" is for events from the Third Age before the Hobbit/LOTR (like the ancient history of Gondor, founding of the Shire, the rape of Celebrian, etc.). Mid Third Age is for events set around the time of the Hobbit, and Late Third Age is for events leading up to the Ring War, including the childhood of most of the LOTR characters.

5. There are some other nifty changes to the website. For instance, the site will automatically show you reviews for your own stories - even if they contain spoilers and you asked the site to make you click to see each review with spoilers. (The idea is, *you* certainly know how your own story ends!) We'll also be adding a link to the reviews page so you can put stories on your wish list if the review is enticing. The site should load more quickly now. The list of events you use to find stories now has dates added, to help you use it more easily. We added a few characters and subgenres - that kind of thing. This is hard to describe, but I think if you pay attention to the web site you'll notice lots of small improvements like that.

That's it for the big changes! If you have any questions about these changes, now is the time to ask them. Earlier tonight I made an announcement giving the awards schedule and a full discussion of how you can handle out, so please do check it out (here). We're looking for nominators and authors, of course, but also liaisons, promoters, banner makers, and members of the rating panel. If you'd like to help in any ways, just email me at mefasupportATgmailDOTcom.

At your service, and your family's,

(MEFA Admin.)