Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards

A Comments-based Fanfic Award

Suggestions for 2011 Awards
telperion1 wrote in mefas
If you have a suggestion for the 2011 awards, please make it here. Comments should only be visible to awards organizers.

Your request should take the form:

Page Affected:

Name and Suggestion are required. Your name should match the name you use at the MEFAs, so we know who you are. Your email address is required if you would like a response to your request. For "Page Affected" please include the URL of the page or FAQ you would like changed in some way, if applicable.

When giving your suggestion please be brief but thorough. Please also explain what problem this change is designed to address. Often we cannot make a specific change but may be able to adress the situation a different way.

Suggestions will most likely not be discussed until after the 2010 awards, and in many cases will not be looked at until then. If you have a more urgent situation please email the admins directly.


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